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Sunday, April 30, 2006



I don't know if this is me being morbid or just because I like the idea, but I want this coffin. And I want it in black, and I want to be launched to the Genesis Planet.

In all seriousness, I do really like this coffin, it has a bit of style as opposed to the big box coffins one normally gets to chose from, and it's eco friendly and made of renewable materials.

Monday, April 24, 2006



untitled diptych, originally uploaded by boxspring.

I did this when I graduated college. The portrait is a combination of me and a portrait of my father in the navy taken from an old print plate, photocopied and made into a transparency, sandwiched in slide form and projected onto wood. The second half is Leonardo da Vinci's last supper, taken from a slide, also projected on wood and re-photographed.

For some reason I do not remember if the portrait was on the left or the right. It has been in hiding for the past few years and was dismantled.

This would be the beginning of my projection photographs, or at least the first of the printed photographs that I have done since. I was projecting imagery onto sculptures and installations at the time, toying with presentation. Unfortunately I do not have any examples of the installations; I only had limited time to put stuff up at school and did not have time to photograph the spaces.

One of the more interesting pieces was an uncovered twin box spring, only the wood, springs and burlap remained, standing up tall with projected slide imagery on it. From the front it was a portrait, the rear created a mosaic, as well as the wall behind.

Most of my work, be it photo or sculpture, is based on recombination. I tend to put things together to make something new, create a new meaning. I have been doing this in my paintings, in the use of collaged materials, as well as the sculptures, wood and books. I hope to go back to the installation aspect some day, when I have sufficient room to do so.

Monday, April 17, 2006



Last month gapersblock posed a question. "Predict the weather! What's this year going to be like?"

My answer was based on stuff I was noticing around me, articles I had been reading, news reports and the like.

This is what I posted.

If I had to predict the weather for the coming year, I would say it will be extreme, and not in a fun x-games kind of way.

Spring will bring heavy rains, thunderstorms in the Midwest as well as tornados in the plains states. A short spring in Chicago as always.

Summer we will have a drought across the US but mostly in the western states accompanied with brush fires and landslides in California. Summer will be hot in Chicago.

Hurricane season will be record breaking, more hurricanes than normal, using up the alphabet early and bringing the names deep into the Latin names as last year did, and if they run out they will just start making up names by looking around the office like Jon Cryer did in Hiding Out (Maxwell Hauser.) The huricanes will also be more powerfull, higher category storms for the next few years, it runs in cycles.
Invest in plywood.

Fall will be cool, mostly normal with ocasional bumps in tempiture that will make people go outside with shorts when they really shouldn't.

Cold, cold winter, with mild snow for the most part, but we are overdue for a great snowstorm. Blizzard type of conditions shold happen sometime this winter, a masive storm that criples Chicago and I will get out of work for a few days, but I know that won't happen, it will most likely start snowing as I'm leaving work on a Friday and be cleaned up by the time I go back to work on Tuesday.


To date something like 491 tornados have touched down, comparied to the 194 by this time the previous year. I have got to stop watching the Weather Channel and shows like Perfect Disaster on Discover, they fill my head with super storms and the like.

Just noticing.

Sunday, April 16, 2006



web, originally uploaded by boxspring.