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Monday, May 15, 2006



Here is another bike I noticed, it's called the TRIX human-powered carving trike. This would be fun to ride. I also like this electric commuter trike, The RIDER.

I've been thinking a lot about alternative transportation of late, with the rise in gas prices and all. I would like to get something that would be better for the environment and lessen the punch on my wallet. Living as far as I do from my job, most of the vehicles I've noticed will not really work, not enough range or to slow, but for someone who doesn't have far to go there are many possibilities. I am sure I will find something that will work, perhaps a scooter for the summer, even though it would most likely be gas powered it wouldn't be as expensive as the car.

In a month or so I will have finished my one year log of gas prices and consumption. I wanted to find out how much I spend on gas as well as how much I really drive. I will have the results tallied sometime in late June.



As you may know, I have a thing for cool bicycles and nice design. I've written about some folding bikes in the past, talked about my own designs for a wooden bike that I do plan on making some day as well as the cruiser that's almost finished. So every once in awhile I look around various websites on find some interesting bikes, like this one form Denmark, the trioBike.

The bike its self isn't all that different from a normal bike, with nice clean line and an aluminum frame, the thing I am intrigued by is the carrier attachment, it's removable, not to mention cool looking. This would be the perfect delivery vehicle with a bit of style, a better way of carting kids around. The detachable carrier can be used as a stroller as well, with a retractable third wheel under the nose. Three configurations in one package. I could see this as a bike for new urban parents in the near future, a nice blend of style and practicability.

I think I like this so much because I secretly want a rickshaw, but I want one with a bit of style. Or maybe I want one as a delivery bike at work. Unfortunately for me the carrier is only rated for children to the age of nine, no big people hauling for me, but I do dig the design, I'd get one in black with the army green seats and hood, for that military look I'm so fond of.

Friday, May 12, 2006


A duck named Q

I had a dream in which I could fly. I had the ability to fly unencumbered by technology. Apparently this wasn't a surprise to people, like a flying man was just something that happens. The odd part of the dream was my best friend, Q, was a humanoid talking duck. People were not shocked that there was a talking humanoid duck; they were taken aback that Q could fly as well, but without using his wings.

I don't know how much I should be reading into the dream, as I don't remember much of it, but I do know I've had flying dreams in the past, it seems to be a reoccurring element. But the talking duck is a new one; I really don't know what to make of that.

I've been having strange dreams for the past few weeks, odd stuff like talking ducks and nanotechnology grown buildings. I need a vacation.