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Sunday, October 19, 2003


Ideas and overloads.

Sometimes I have too many ideas, ideas for stories, ideas for big art projects, ideas for living spaces. Lots of these will most likely never get done or will take forever to finish. My dj-5c dispatch vehicle for instance, I've had it for more than seven years and its no where near finished. My big metal box on wheels called a postal jeep.

Anyway I have way too many story ideas that may never get finished. For instance "Bobby Typewriter" a story I've been working on for at least five years about a typewriter repairman/ custom builder who has a sexual fetish involving typewriters, I keep getting hung up on details. Where he lives, his back story, how he made his computer and telephone, why he listens to books on tape in the most literal sense. (He rewrites a book, taping the sound of the typewriter used.) I end up not writing the story and work on an entire universe for the story, becoming an anti-story, the original short getting lost in a sea of details. Sometimes this works out for the better, a short five line blurb becomes a fleshed out story, and sometimes it just takes every thing away from something that is best suited to be a short thing, a poem of sorts.

As most of my writing, I am never satisfied with the way the story is going so I put it away and return to it later, I'm not good at finishing a narrative, I'm a quick and to the point writer, short, short story kind of thing.

And then there is the weird stuff, the real non-narrative stuff like the moment image stuff. It's just free form writing that I do every once in a while. I'm not even sure if anyone would care to read it, I just keep doing it. I think I have books of that stuff, writing about nothing and something at the same time. The good thing about that stuff though is every once in a while I'll come up with a story idea and I'll run with it, even if it's just the back story to something else, it's worth writing it down.