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Sunday, November 02, 2003


Of blood and blue fish.

I looked at one of my old paintings today and decided that it didn't look right. Something about the paint didn't sit with me so I am reworking it.

The paintings I have been doing of late are of a stenciled variety, spray paint on paper and canvas with pencil work and such. This old painting was one of the first, the stencil never looked right, it bleed too much. I covered the offending paint with paper, held it up to light and drew the image back, now it looks more integrated. I'm becoming happy with it. I will take a picture of it when "done."

This brings me to a point. Is it right too change a painting after it has been "finished?" I guess I considered this particular painting finished a long time ago but recently looked upon it with dissatisfaction. I don't make a habit of reworking paintings, most of the time I consider them done when done. I have reworked a sculpture or two, evolving them to a final form because the original didn't have any soul to me. Sometimes change is for the better, changing the painting in my mind makes it a better painting, a finished painting.