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Monday, April 19, 2004


The Ever Floating Woman

I told her not to go.
I wasn't sure why, I just knew she shouldn't leave, an impending sense of doom I guess.

(Time is moving slowly today, I slept to long and I think I'm still asleep, at least in my head.)

I kept looking at her legs, not that they were the end all be all, I just kept looking. She was floating again; I guess she's always floating, a few inches above the floor, the transparent swans were nowhere to be found.

I just kept glancing at her legs as she floated through the crowd; she seemed taller than I remember. She seemed to be glowing as well, slightly brighter than the other people around her. I always remember her eyes whenever we seem to meet, dark and inviting, I never want to forget them but I am sure I will at some point in time.

Whenever I see her, the ever floating woman, she seems to be saying something but I can never hear the words, like all the sound around her disappears, becoming vacant.

As she left, the noise seemed to return. An angry noise seemed to penetrate the cool air, like metal scraping against bone. The noise was progressively getting louder, coming closer, I could feel it in my teeth.