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Monday, April 04, 2005


Gone postal, or maybe just on vacation.

I've been thinking about the postal jeep a lot lately, mostly deciding weather or not it is worth the time to put it back together. It needs a ton of work, most of the floor in the front needs to be replaced, not a daunting project, but it can suck. I guess the determining factor on weather or not I will move forward will be if the engine turns over, if it does, keep it and work on it, maybe invest more time and some money. If it doesn't start, even with some work, I think it will be deemed as toast. If I do get rid of it, I don't think I will be starting any car projects for some time. Maybe I'll get a scooter.

Another thing that seems to be a factor in this is time. I don't seem to have as much as when I first got the jeep. I've been busy at work; I guess I've become the distribution guy for the bakery. We've recently bought a shortbread company and increased our volume by about half. More delivery stops, more shippers, more everything. So free time is at a premium with me and I'm not sure if working on the jeep is something I really feel like doing anymore, or even if i have time for. Who knows what I'll decide to do.

I may have one break though, I found a supplier of postal jeep parts and they have replacement floors and floor supports. This is good because I was going to hand fabricate a new floor and make a new support system myself. Buying it, cutting out the crap and installing a real new floor will be so much better.

It could go either way, but first I just need to see if it will start, and I can't do that till I dig it out from its auto cocoon. So sometime in May the decision will be made, and maybe I'll have my funky death wagon or just a lot of free space, who knows.

That's great news! Are the floors & supports affordable?
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