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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Tow trucks can be dangerous

I was driving home from work the other day, listening to crappy radio and being stuck in traffic when I looked over to the oncoming traffic and saw this tow truck zooming down the street through the intersection. This is nothing new mind you, people drive fast all the time, what made this different was the tow truck had a full load, one car on the flatbed and one towing behind. The driver seemingly didn't realize that the intersection he was going through to fast had a series of bumps and the car he was towing started jumping wildly. I immediately thought this guy was going to mess the car up and drag it a little, nope, the car just bounced off the hitch, broke the chains and dropped two to three feet to the ground.

This was all happening as I was passing right by the guy, so my thoughts were about me getting hit by a runaway Jetta and totaling my "car with no name" Saturn. Luckily, the Jetta in question slammed to the ground with a thud and a screech and rolled towards the curb without hitting anyone. All I could do was laugh and think about the damage that was done to this poor little Jetta, the front suspension was most likely wrecked from the fall, and I'm sure the frame has damage as well as the engine. I wouldn't want to be the driver of the tow truck trying to explain what happened to his boss and the cars owner.