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Saturday, August 27, 2005



So, I'm driving home from the Gapers Block get together, where fun was had by all in the "beer garden" by the way, when about a mile from home I come across a car accident. I must have just missed witnessing it by seconds. I had just rolled over a hill to notice a car smoking in the intersection, as I got closer; I saw that this was indeed an accident involving a minivan and a passenger car. Of course being a good citizen I stopped to render assistance, meaning I stopped my car and put on the flashers as to keep people from hitting the freaked out teenagers and there already broken cars.

I called the police to report the accident, with injuries and all, as did one of the passengers from the minivan. As I checked on everyone, another car stopped to help and looked in on the passed out passenger in the back of the car, he had a pulse but wasn't very responsive.

At this point it started to rain and I assume the driver of the passenger car starts running around picking up junk in the street. OK, I think, and then he runs up to me, and in an almost accusatory tone says "where are my speakers?"

The police arrive, I explained that I just happened upon this accident and tell him what all I know, someone is injured in the car, and everyone else seems fine. And I left, not being a real witness and all, I didn't really need to be there, and it was starting to rain hard.

For the rest of the ride home all I could think of was this kid running around looking for his speakers and not worrying about his injured friend in the back seat. Priorities have really changed.

He might have been in shock, actually. People do strange things like that.
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