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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Fun stuff

Fun stuff seems to fallow me around. I went to the renegade craft fair on Saturday, and within five minutes of being there I witnessed excitement. I was looking at some crafty stuff by the entrance when I heard a commotion, or more of an outburst, and looked over to see a man spiting in the face of a vendor. He was ranting about something that I couldn't make out, his medication I guess, and yelling at this female vendor. Being a modern city that Chicago is, the cell phones came out and cops were called, so I just stood there watching this man hoping that I wouldn't have to intervene, something that seems to happen to me every once in a while.

The man appeared to be leaving so I tried to find out was going on, or what his problem with this woman was, but she had no idea. Then I heard a loud bang. The angry man apparently kicked over a garbage can, one of those oil drum size cans, and picked up what looked like a thick broom or shovel handle.

At this point I'm thinking something is going to happen, as he seems to be walking back to the vendors table. And what do I do? I stand in front of him, point at him and tell him to stop right there and stand my ground. I'm not looking for a fight, but I'm not going to sit back and let some guy beat up people at a craft fair. He backs off as another guy tells him that he's got his broom handle, and gets it away from him. The angry man just stands there looking at me and starts yelling at me, so I tell him to calm down, unless he really really wants to get arrested.

The vendor asked me to hang out for awhile, so of coarse I did, I wasn't about to leave until this guy was gone. He seemed to be calming down, sort of, and walked towards me, staying on the other side of the fence. Apparently he wanted to explain why he was so angry, and blamed it on his medication. I just kept telling him to calm down and leave, unless he really wanted to get in trouble with the cops. His friend wasn't doing anything that I noticed to calm him down, just standing there wondering what her friend was going to do, or perhaps she knew what he was capable of and didn't want to get to involved. He finally decided to leave, walking down Damon ave.

I noticed a postal worker on a cell phone, I guess when this man was having his tantrum with the garbage can, he kicked it into a parked postal van. I assumed she was calling the cops.

I hung around for a little while longer and went about my shopping as I heard a cop car just down the street. I came back to check on the vendor and everything seemed to be ok.

Just another fun day.

but I can read about funn
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