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Monday, January 09, 2006



I recently had a bit of a meltdown with my computer, and subsequently lost lots of info. Most of the stuff that was lost I have backups for, notably all my card designs and most of my imagery. Some stuff is lost for good and I will have to rebuild somehow, mostly documents and other junk. I need to remember to do backups more often.

I only view this as a slight annoyance, it's not that hard to rebuild some stuff, it's mostly scans of imagery that I have in sketchbooks, and I'll just need to rescan a bunch of stuff. This will also give me the opportunity to rework some of the stuff that I'm not to happy about, cards that need some tooling with. For the next month or so I will be going through some of my older sketchbooks and pulling other designs out, just to build my library of images up a little, it should be fun.

The documents lost are slightly more important, as I had some stuff I was working on that I didn't have backups for, story ideas and such. Notably my "Bobby Typewriter" story was lost, but seeing as though I haven't worked on that for some time now, a fresh start might be a good thing.

oh no!!! :(

that's the worst. well, the worst was when i accidentally THREW AWAY my notebook of everything i was working on. because i was carrying it in a bag, in the same hand that was carryign the trash bag out to dump in the trash. and for some unknown reason, my hand threw away both bags!!!!
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