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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Upcoming Shows in November

Just an advanced warning regarding some upcoming crafty type shows I will be attending. First off the DIY Trunk Show on Saturday, November 21st at the Pulaski Park Auditorium in Chicago. I should have lots of new stuff, I'm making some of my new articulated bus toys just for this show, I haven't decided on how many, I don't want to bring too many or too few. I'm running out of space. I will have some of the new cards I've been working on as well as some other stuff I've been messing with over the past few months, the lamps should be done by then. Eighty vendors from the Midwest will be in attendance, so do some local shopping for the holidays.

The second show is Art Vs. Craft Round 9 on Saturday, November 28th in beautiful downtown Milwaukee. This show has artists and crafters from all around the country, so it is well worth the trip. I think this is the second year Art Vs. Craft has been held on Thanksgiving weekend, last year it was incredibly packed and everyone was pleased. The show takes place at the Humphrey Scottish Rites Masonic Center, a wonderful place to hold an alternative craft show. I will have lots of the digital painting prints that everyone seemed to like so much, as well as some new one off stencil paintings, and maybe a bus or two.

If you are looking for something particular from me, a painting or print, a lot of a card you have fancied in the past, send me an e-mail and I will try to have stuff for you at either of these shows.